Bliss Gold Cancer Awareness Ribbon Swarovski Crystal Birthstone Bangle Bracelet

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Gold Angel Cancer Awareness Ribbon Birthstone Swarovski Crystal Bangle Bracelet

These beautiful birthstone cancer awareness ribbon charm comes on a round double loop bangle bracelet. All round double loop bangles are made with Hamilton gold, which is plated in rich gold and compliments our new 14kt gold-filled charms. All handcrafted religious bracelets are made in the USA by Bliss Manufacturing and come in a nice gift box. They make wonderful birthday, just because or First Communion gifts.

Birthday Months: January - Garnet, February - Amethyst, March - Aqua, April - Crystal, May - Emerald, June - Light Amethyst, July - Ruby, August - Peridot, September - Sapphire, October - Rose, November - Topaz, December - Zircon.

Available Bangle Sizes: 7.5" - 8" - 8.5"

Charm Size: 7/8 x 3/8

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